1. Yes, you can stream torrents right on our website. It is very simple, the more people that use our website means the more people uploading using several of our independent trackers. This more people on these trackers means the more people can stream video media directly on our website. We do NOT chew up your bandwidth. Since torrents are the same and do not convert to different qualities, we use only the same amount of bandwidth that a downloader would use on a private torrent client (example: utorrent.com). Amazing, right?
  2. Certain ad blockers can break our website, even though we do not run ads. If you must run an ad blocker please run uBlock or let ads run on our domain alone.
  3. If you do not know what BitTorrent is then please follow a beginner’s guide here.
  4. You are not able to upload torrents to our system. We are a meta search engine that brings all your favorite torrent sites together, in one place.
  5. If you download/view a torrent and find it to be of great quality, please ensure you leave an upvote. If you are not satisfied with that particular torrent then please leave a downvote. Also, feel free to create an account and leave a comment.
  6. Please view our privacy policy below. We have gone to extreme lengths to ensure you are safe, from prying eyes, whilst on our website.
  7. If English is not your native language then please scroll down to the languages section.

Advanced Search

  1. Mozilla Firefox - search for Mozilla and Firefox anywhere in the title and file names
  2. "Mozilla Firefox" - search exactly for "Mozilla Firefox"
  3. Mozilla Firefox -beta - search for Mozilla AND Firefox but NOT beta
  4. Mozilla Firefox uploader:eztv - search for Mozilla AND Firefox by uploader "eztv"
  5. Mozilla Firefox size:1gb - search for Mozilla AND Firefox greater than 1gb
  6. Mozilla Firefox seeds:100 - search for Mozilla AND Firefox with greater than 100 seeds
  7. Mozilla Firefox leech:100 - search for Mozilla AND Firefox with greater than 100 leechers

Torrent Search Cool Facts

  1. Torrent Search is the most powerful torrent meta search engine on the internet.
  2. Your privacy is our number one concern. Hence, our slogan – Fast. Private. Secure.
  3. We do not allow the uploading of torrents directly to our infrastructure. However, we do provide the magnet links.
  4. We do not monitor what is being cached into our search engine. If you have a takedown request, please follow the steps listed further down.
  5. We consider ourselves the Google of the torrent world.
  6. Torrent files are simply hashes of information that mean nothing until seeders come together and share these files from all crevices of the earth.
  7. 99.9% of the traffic on our website is completely anonymous. Your ISP CANNOT see what you are doing whilst on our website. We have a proprietary system in place that no other torrent site has. If you were to stream your favorite TV show on our site, your ISP CANNOT see that you are doing so. They will only be able to see you visited one of our URL’s.
  8. We do not save any physical torrents, magnet links, origin of torrents, IP address of uploaders or anything similar in our system.
  9. We have independent trackers in place. This means, the more people that download torrents directly from us, the more people can stream video media on our site and not be at the mercy of their ISP or VPN companies. We believe everyone should have the complete right to anonymity. This has not been done, directly, on a torrent site before.
  10. If you create an account and forget your password. Please make a new account. We do not store any passwords or reset password options.

Privacy Policy

  1. We do not log.
  2. We do run a form of analytics. However, rest assured that through our proprietary obfuscation techniques - your ISP, our analytics tracker, and your mother will have absolutely no idea what you did on our website. 99.9% of the traffic our site gets, shows up under a private location that cannot be mentioned publicly. We can only see how long you were on the site for and that is all.
  3. Whilst streaming video media on our website, nobody can see what you are doing.


  1. We are updating the core of our website to several languages. As time goes on we will get more intricate with these translations. Currently they apply to the home page and advanced search. If you have a particular language you would like to be seen on our website then please contact us, using the information in the contact section.

  2. English (Default) - https://torsearch.se/?lang=en
    French - https://torsearch.se/?lang=fr
    Spanish - https://torsearch.se/?lang=sp
    German - https://torsearch.se/?lang=de
    Italian - https://torsearch.se/?lang=it
    Russian - https://torsearch.se/?lang=ru

Takedown Instructions

  1. Please follow the steps provided to ensure a smooth takedown of any listing you are wanting removed. Do not get mad. We have no control over what is brought into our database.
  2. Please only provide URLs containing info hash values. (example: http://torsearch.se/5839b27571a9267d8f12f269).
  3. Takedowns that do not provide URLs with uniquely identifying info hash values will take considerably more time to process.
  4. Avoid sending search query URLs. List specific results you want removed.
  5. Use your company/business email. Free mailboxes will be ignored.
  6. Google DMCA Notice if you never done this before.
  7. Send your takedowns in plain text to [email protected] only. Takedowns sent to ISPs or other addresses might not get filed properly.


  1. We have only ONE email address. For all your Abuse, EUCD, DMCA, Copyright, Content Removal, Suggestions and General Issue requests you can write to us at [email protected]
  2. Proton Mail is completely secure on our end. If you are not using Proton Mail then please be advised that your email provider might be able to see the information you are sending us.